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5 Security Awareness Training Courses

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What Security Awareness Training Course Is The Right One For Employees?

At ELC Information Security we strive to serve our customers with the best possible Security Awareness Training courses.  For 2019, we have changed our course lineup a little bit to provide more options and flexibility for our clients.  Every company does not fit into the same box.  The differences between companies is immense - size, industry, skill set, culture, etc.  Some companies have been taking security awareness training courses for years.  Some have never done it.  Some are required to have employees trained for compliance purposes, some just want their employees to have the latest and greatest information to help protect the company's data.  

Our five core Security Awareness Training courses offer a great selection with some topics covered in every course, while other topics are added as you go up the line as it relates to the amount of time required for the course.   Here are the five courses, all are available immediately:

  1. 15 Minutes Condensed
  2. 20 Minutes 10 Topics
  3. 25 Minutes 13 Topics
  4. 30 Minutes 16 Topics
  5. 40 Minutes 22 Topics

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Here are the details for each course:

All courses come with a quiz to ensure your employees are understanding the information.  The passing score can be adjusted per your company's specifications.  We recommend at least an 80% passing score.  For some courses, we recommend a passing score of 100% due to the critical nature of the of the material.  

We also have the option of customizing the courses.  The customization options can be as simple as adding your logo to some of the pages, or branding the course.  With this option we also typically add your specific information for how your employees report potential issues or how to get further assistance, such as a help desk.  Other customization options are revising the narrative to be more specific to your company's industry, adding and/or deleting topics, and adding and/or deleting quiz questions.

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